20 Most Thought-Provoking Quotes About Philosophy


A great philosophy is essential for a great life. These thought-provoking quotes will inspire you to sharpen your philosophy


  1. Posted by dysellers, — Reply

    A fabulous phrase! So very true of most people I know. They have a degree in THEY-SAID-OLOGY. Never have their own thoughts or words only the ones heard others speak. No originality whatsoever. I am proud to be considered strange and different by those kind of blank minded trones.

  2. Posted by amandaqtpie, — Reply

    I feel that this is an ufair judgement about others. Which is sad because people where very unfair to him .He must have held to allot of pain and anger towards people to have said this. Poor man I hope is happy now in the after life .

  3. Posted by olgak1, — Reply

    So was King James, yes the Bible guy! Eunuchs were known in bible times, what’s wrong with being gay?

  4. Posted by tessareea, — Reply

    Oscar Wilde was gay. If anyone was pretending to be someone else, it was definitely him.

  5. Posted by A_Lone_Spirit, — Reply

    Acknowledgment of the deformities is the doorway to one's own hidden strengths.

  6. Posted by alanapteyrx, — Reply

    Well. These comments didn't go in the direction I expected.

  7. Posted by brimshack, — Reply

    It's always OTHER people who live inauthentic lives.

  8. Posted by suzsnyder57, — Reply

    Wonder what Oscar would have mused about these comments about him?

  9. Posted by trishlstroisch, — Reply

    If you're not a pretender, you're a threat.

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