52 Relatable Memes That Just Make Sense


Welcome to the relatable meme stream.


  1. Posted by The_Painted_Lady, — Reply

    This is so me, I always forget to update my phone and my friends have to keep nagging me about it. I don’t like to update my phone because it has to be shut off for like ten minutes, as in I can’t be on Pinterest

  2. Posted by DipsNation, — Reply

    Everybody talking about how relatable this is. Me: OMG ITS NO FACE AND I FORGOT THE GIRLS NAME!! [Update: It’s Chihiro]

  3. Posted by ninerspider, — Reply

    Weaklings. My phone is nearly falling apart at the seams because I haven't updated it in three years. Maybe even four. I physically cannot make it update anymore. :,)

  4. Posted by slashy13, — Reply

    My phone: “Your iPhone has not been backed up in 8 weeks due to insufficient stoarge.” Me: *when I already deleted unimportant pictures and apps*

  5. Posted by K0dzuken, — Reply

    My computer went “if you don’t update it soon it has a chance if going out of date” I left that notification there for like a month until it updated it’s self

  6. Posted by jalexa0713, — Reply

    Yesterday I got the notification that I needed to update my phone, and today I actually stopped using it JUST to update. I’m so proud of myself 💀

  7. Posted by Kaios268, — Reply

    Trying to fix my mom's PC and finding that she disabled the updates. She argues with me when I tell her she needs them on so I'm like, well you're getting them now! *Clicks Install ALL the updates*

  8. Posted by kirbyquack, — Reply

    I have an iPod touch 6th generation and the highest update it can go to is like 12.4 or something like that and it’s rlly annoying akakakakakakak but my parents won’t let me get a phone until I save up my money so I better start saving up I guess

  9. Posted by todthelazylizard, — Reply

    remember u need to update your phone or it'll eventually start breaking!! my aunt didn't update her phone forever and her storage got so full it kept automatically deleting photos, apps and music! she had to get a new phone.

  10. Posted by saylorwarner5929, — Reply

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