6 Overnight Oat Recipes You Should Know For Easy Breakfasts — AndiAnne


Do you feel too busy to make time for healthy breakfasts? Mornings can be a little chaotic. Well, luckily there's a great solution to this problem... overnight oats!


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    The measurements for these recipes are available by clicking the image or here: https://www.andianne.com/blog/6-overnight-oats-recipes-you-should-know-for-easy-breakfasts

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    I made the chocolate, and it was really good. Instead of plain greek yogurt, i used 8oz of vanilla Greek yogurt (with .5 c oats) and didnt add the extra vanilla extract. I also didnt add any maple syrup either. Overall I think it came out to about 300 calories? Really depends amount and brands of ingredients

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    I made the chocolate one with: -1/2 cup (240 calories) -1/2 cup coconut milk (20 calories) -2 tsp chocolate drink (30 calories) -a little bit of agave syrup (like 50 calories or less y think) Total: 340 calories

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    Personally I am not a big fan of oatmeal, so I tried this thinking maybe this would be good. And to be honest it was not that good. I tried the Apple pie one and it just had too much cinnamon. On the contrary if you like oatmeal this would be really good, my only advice would be to add less cinnamon.

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    Hey do you need to cover these when you place them in the fridge? With a lid or wrap? Or is it fine without?

  6. Posted by sassy832003, — Reply

    is there a way to make these with regular yogurt that’s not greek?(greek isn’t really for me 🙂)

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    Yeah did the vanilla version but instead of vanilla I put in strawberry’s and bananas!

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    The apple pie oatmeal is delicious. I eat it every day for breakfast. 👍

  9. Posted by a_rossiter07, — Reply

    Im going to try the vanilla one let me know if it tastes good

  10. Posted by DLDYoung, — Reply

    I’ve made the apple pie and pumpkin spice - both are excellent!

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