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One of the very first blogs that I became smitten with is the beautiful blog Trouvais penned by Trish Allen.  Trish is an authority on antique textiles, all things french, rough luxe, and most of all a passionate gardener. Trish also hails from Northern California, a bit north of me.  She has a enthusiasm for antique roses that is infectious.  I have often referenced her blog to find out which roses have prospered in her garden.  Her climate is a bit different than mine but close enough that most roses that do well in her garden will probably do well in mine . Trish graciously agreed to an interview with me.Do you have any modern roses in your garden?  If so what are they? “My  modern roses are the David Austins ( Mary Wrenn, Cressida (seen below), Abraham Darby, Gertrude Jekyll (in the foreground), via google Glamis Castle), the Eden rose...Read More »