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  1. Posted by KayleyCumbass, — Reply

    Whenever my aunt asks me "where'd that bruise come from?" " IDK" " You could come home with your head off and your leg broke and u wouldn't know what Happened!!"

  2. Posted by liejh4393, — Reply

    Every single scratch and bruise on my body (which is a lot, I manage to beat myself up) I have NO IDEA WHATSOEVER WHERE IT CAME FROM

  3. Posted by tgp2000, — Reply

    Me no clue. I do nothing besides my work. At my work I don’t hit into anything or trip or whatever. Next morning bruises are covering my body. And I’m like what the heck I didn’t get hurt yesterday. I think I do stupid things in my dream and that I’m a sleep walker.

  4. Posted by 05222004l, — Reply

    And my bruise replies “ after the rock hit your head and you fell down the stairs, a squirrel attacked you and you bumped your arm on a nearby tree. “

  5. Posted by skyluv0725, — Reply

    I wake up everyday with a new bruise on my knees. Idk why!!! I don’t toss and turn in my sleep, there is nothing in my bed, HELP

  6. Posted by addierae377, — Reply

    I litteraly woke up this morning wth a huge bruise on my freakin knee but idk how it got there 😒

  7. Posted by isabelley15, — Reply

    When I did gymnastics, all my bruises came from the beam. The evil evil beam. Will haunt you forever.

  8. Posted by TheGniessOne, — Reply

    XD this happens with small cuts or scratches. It’s like “How did you get there?”

  9. Posted by oliviaa567, — Reply

    Bruise: Hey! I came from volleyball..when you made that dive the other day!!

  10. Posted by kaitlyn6929, — Reply

    “Oh I know where that bruise came from.” Said no one ever

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